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Title: Developing Talents
Author: Temple Grandin & Kate Duffy

Title: The Verbal Behavior Approach
Author: Mary Barbera & Tracy Rasmussen

Title: A Thorn in My Pocket
Author: Eustacia Cutler

Title: The Social Skills Picture Book
Author: Jed Baker, PH.D

Title: Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond
Author: Jed Baker, PH.D

Title: Preparing for Life
Author: Jed Baker, PH.D

Title: No More Meltdowns
Author: Jed Baker, PH.D

Title: Activity Schedules for Children With Autism
Author: Lynn E. McCannahan

Title: How the Special Needs Brain Learns
Author: David A. Sousa

Title: What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child
Author: Glenn Doman

Title: Ian's Walk: A Story about Autism
Author: Laurie Lears

Title: Thinking in pictures – My life With autism
Author: Temple Grandin

Title: Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum
Author: Chantal Sicile-Kira

Title: Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Author: Temple Grandin

Title: The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships
Author: Temple Grandin & Sean Barron

Title: Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism:
Author:  Mary Jane Weiss & Valbona Demiri

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